Genealogy 101 - Tracing Your Family History
Instructor Led On-line Learning

Course Outline

Week 1 - Connectivity Check & Introduction
Week 2 - What is Genealogy & Resources
Week 3 - Research Techniques
Week 4 - Software Basic Topics
Week 5 - Software Advanced Topics & Wrapup

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Technical Requirements
Windows XP or higher -Core Duo 18.Ghz or AMD Athlon 64 4200+ 
Mac OS X Leopard or higher - Core Duo 2.66Ghz

2 GB of memory
Speakers and microphone (most laptops have built-in)
High speed connection to the internet (most Verizon & Comcast accounts)
Modem or DSL connections not recommended

Click Here to download Tech Specs and Directions
Instructor Bio :

Instructor has been researching his family history for 10 years and has accumulated a database of over 300 people in his family tree.  He has researched and collected source documents including birth records, name change records and other documentation that validate relationships and family lineage.  The instructor has also used multiple versions of the software that will be discussed in class.

Home Page

This course is offered in our new web based format.  It is an experimental course which allows you to learn the basics of Genealogy without leaving your home. Using your connection to the internet and our special presentation software you will be able to  converse live with the instructor while viewing the course material over the web.  This course requires you to have a desktop or laptop with speakers, microphone and good access to the internet.

Genealogy is the "study of families and the tracing of their lineages and history" according to Wikipedia.  In this course learn how to easily research and record your family history using simple research techniques and free software, yes free software.  In this course you will learn where to find key family information as well as how to access other data sources that will aid you in your research.   You will also learn you to document your research using powerful software designed specifically for recording Genealogical information. 

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